System Navigation

You can access the primary pages or specific sections of the Applicant Portal through the links available in the main, center and left panel menu bars.

Main Menu Panel Navigation

You can navigate to different areas of system by using the associated links on the menu bar located at the top of each screen.


Main Menu Panel Items:


Left Menu Panel Navigation

There is a left menu panel located on each screen. Menu items in this panel change based on whether you are accessing the pre-screening tool or applying for coverage.



Left Menu Panel (Pre-Screening) Tabs:


Left Menu Panel Items:



Center Menu Panel Navigation


After logging in you can view an additional center navigation panel located under the main menu bar. Each tab of the center navigation panel represents a specific function of your Individual Dashboard. The Individual Dashboard is a tool that allows you to view, edit and manage specific aspects of your account.


Center Menu Panel Items:

Screen Navigation Buttons

Navigation buttons located at the bottom of each screen allow you to proceed easily. These buttons include:



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