Using the Pre-screening Tool

Based on the information you provide, ONE determines potential eligibility for OHP and provides you with a summary of potential eligibility results.


Accessing the Pre-screening Tool




Steps for Pre-screening


The pre-screening process does not require any personally identifiable information, such as social security number or date of birth. However, you are required to enter basic information about yourself and family members that wish to be evaluated for coverage. This information includes:



After reviewing the Quick Pre-screening, you may select Next to continue to the first pre-screening data collection, About You and Your Household screen.


The steps for completing the pre-screening process are as follows:


1.      On the About You and Your Household screen, select your county of residence from the drop-down menu.

2.   Enter the number of people, including you, to include for possible health care coverage.

3.      Enter income the entire household makes in a month before taking out taxes and other costs. Remember to include income from jobs or self-employment, as well as other sources such as pensions, unemployment or interest.

4.      Click Next to continue to Build Your Household-Household Members.

5.      At Build Your Household-Household Members, enter the name (nickname is acceptable), age, gender, tobacco usage and healthcare coverage status for each household member.

6.      Click Next to continue to the final pre-screening data collection screen.

7.   Answer the questions displayed for each household member by selecting each Household Member tab.

8.   Click Next to view the pre-screening results.





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