Starting the Application

The application process starts at the Let’s Get Started screen. This screen provides an overview of the application process and includes links to learn more about the Oregon Health Plan. In addition, you must provide your consent for the system to access federal data sources to verify personal information and process future enrollment renewals.


The system requires you to check the consent boxes before continuing with the application.


Once you review the Overview and provides consent for federal data access, you may click Start to continue with the application process.



Adding an Authorized Representative or Community Partner/Assister


Before you begin entering application information, you have an opportunity to request an Authorized Representative or to connect with a Community Partner/Assister to add to your account profile. These individuals, Community Partners and Assisters are available to help with the application process, manage your account and in some cases, they may even act on your behalf.


A breakdown of the roles of Community Partners/Assister and Authorized Representatives is in the table below. There are specific instructions for adding them to your account. You can remove an Authorized Representative or the Community Partner/Assister from your account at any time through the Assisters tab on your Individual Dashboard.




Authorized Representative

An individual selected by you who can make decisions about your health care coverage.

Community Partner/Assisters

An individual you select to assist in filling out the application. They can also provide follow-up support, which includes updates and changes to you request.




Adding an Authorized Representative


About Your Authorized Representative captures the request to add an Authorized Representative. Based on the level of permissions assigned by you, an Authorized Representative can:



In answer to the question, “Would you like to name an Authorized Representative to your account?” click Next if you want to decline and continue with the application process. Otherwise, you can follow the steps to add an Authorized Representative to your account.

Note: In addition to Community Partners/Assisters, OHP Customer Service is also available to those seeking assistance with their application. You can contact OHP Customer Service at 1-800-699-9075 (TTY 711).

The steps for adding an Authorized Representative are follows:

Click Next to continue the application process  


Adding an Community Partner/Assister


After completing Authorized Representative screens, you will answer if you would like to assign a registered Community Partner/Assister to your account.


The About Your Community Partner/Assister screen allows you to search for a registered Community Partner/Assister and provides contact information, once selected.


The steps for adding a Community Partner/Assister to your account profile are as follows:

  1.  Select Yes in answer to the question, “Would you like to assign an Agent to help you?”

Search results for available insurance agents are randomly generated and displayed unless a specific individual or organization is entered in the search fields. The next steps cover how to search for a specific insurance agent or organization.

  1. Search for insurance agents or organizations they work for by entering any combination of information in the search fields.
  2. Click Search to display the results.
  3. Select the desired insurance agent by clicking the circle next to his or her name then click Add. Upon making a selection, the insurance agent’s contact information displays.
  4. Click Next to continue with the application process. The insurance agent or organization is notified of you as a new client.



Application Warnings


Warning screens may display as part of the application process.


Selecting Coverage Type


Select the type of coverage you are applying for on the What are You Applying For screen. Currently you can only apply for OHP Medical coverage.




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