Building the Applicants Household

Once you select the type of coverage, you will then continue to the application data collection screens. The first screen captures general information about you and your household members. You will need to provide information for household members even if those members are not applying for coverage.


Applicant Information Screen #1


The first Applicant Information screen captures the following details of each household member: (There is a variation of this screen for employee applicants).



You can add as many household members as needed by clicking Add Member and completing the required fields for each. Once you have added all household members, select Next to continue to the second Applicant Information screen.



Applicant Information Screen #2 (applicants applying for OHP Medical)


The second Applicant Information screen allows you to add recently deceased family members to the application. If you have a recently deceased family member, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance to cover medical-related costs. Only assistance for bills received in the three months before the date of application can be considered. This screen is only displayed if you are applying for OHP for the deceased individual.


If you are not adding a deceased family member, select “No” to the question, “Has a household member recently passed away?” and click Next to continue.


If you need to add a recently deceased family member, complete the required fields.


You can add other recently deceased family members by clicking Add Member. Once you have completed this screen, select Next to continue.



Removing Household Members


If you want to remove a household member’s information from the application, select the Remove Member link on either of the Applicant Information screens.


Click Continue to confirm


Click Cancel to stop the removal of the selected member.



Personal Information Screen (individual applicants only)


Social Security Number, citizenship status and details for you and specific household members need to be filled in at the Personal Information screen.


After entering personal information for each household member, click Next to continue.



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