Tax Status and Relationships

Household Relationships


Enter information about relationships between individuals included on the application at the Household Relationships screen. You have to state the relationship between each person on the application and the primary applicant. The primary applicant is you, if you are the main person applying for the household.


You may select household relationships from the drop-down menus. Repeat this step for each household member by selecting the household member tabs located at the top of the screen.

After entering household relationships for each household member, click Next to continue.



Tax Filing Information 

The Tax Filing Information screen gathers information about your tax filing status, Social Security Number, and citizenship status.


Note: Tax-related questions do not appear for individuals who are not applying for financial assistance.


To complete this screen, you must answer the required fields for each household member. Individual household members are selected by clicking on household member tabs at the top of the screen.


After completing screens for each member, click Next to continue.


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