Household Details


American Indian, Alaska Native (AIAN) Information


Any household member who is of American Indian or Alaska Native descent may be eligible for additional benefits. The American Indian or Alaska Native Information screen gathers information about household members with American Indian and Alaska Native status.





Prison Status Information


The Prison Status Information screen list prison status of household member applying for coverage. A person in prison or jail is not eligible to receive benefits unless the individual has been hospitalized. In that case, the individual can be eligible for a limited period.





Disability Information





Income Information


An individual may be eligible to receive OHP, depending on total household income. You have the option of entering total household income information on the Income Information screen to see if you may be eligible.






Household Contact Information


At the Getting in Touch with You? screen provide contact information for you as well as other people in the household.


To complete the first part of the Getting in Touch with You? screen, enter the permanent and mailing address details for all household members.


If all household members reside at the same address, check the box next to “Everyone in the household has the same contact information.” If household members reside at different addresses, you must select the household member tabs at the top of the screen to enter contact details for each household member.


If your mailing address is different from your permanent address, check the box next to “I pick up my mail from a different location from where I live,” and provide the mailing address.


On the second half of Getting in Touch with You? identify your contact preferences. Available options include text, voicemail and email.


To complete this portion of Getting in Touch with You? enter any phone numbers and check the appropriate statements to receive text or voicemail alerts about your account. You must provide an address to receive notices.


Upon completing this screen, select Next to continue.



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