Provide Verification Documentation

Documentation Submission Options


If you choose to mail, fax, deliver in person or upload verification documentation later, a Verification Warning message reminds you to submit these documents by the dates specified in the Verification Summary Table.


After reviewing the Verification Warning screen, click Next to view eligibility results.



Uploading Documentation


To identify and upload application documents right away, go to the Verification Documents screen.


NOTE: Documents can only be uploaded if saved electronically on the computer used to complete the application.


Steps for uploading documents:


1.    Choose the type of document being uploaded from the Document Type drop-down menu.

2.    Select Browse to locate and upload the document.

3.    Insert any comments in the Comments text box.

4.    Select Attach to upload a document. You may also select the following links to perform additional actions:

·        View: Opens the attached document in another window

·        Delete: Deletes the attached document

·        Attach another document: Takes you back to the Document Upload page.

5.    Repeat steps 1-4 for each required document.

6.    Select Next to continue to the Document Summary screen.


Document Upload Confirmation

The Document Summary screen allows you to view a summary of the uploaded documents.

·       Who: Displays all individuals for which documents are needed

·       Type of Proof: Identifies what types of documents are needed

·        Document Provided: Identifies the type of documents uploaded

·        Options: Displays one or more of the following options:

Attach Now: Navigates to the Verification Documents screen where you can upload additional documents

o    View: Opens a new screen that allows you to view uploaded documents

o    Delete: Deletes the uploaded document from the Document Summary table


Once you have reviewed the document summary and made any changes, you may officially submit documents and receive a confirmation by clicking Submit. Once the Submit button is selected, documents cannot be deleted.


The Thank You screen is an official confirmation that the documentation has been submitted. At this point, all uploaded documents can be viewed on your Individual Dashboard.


Click Next to continue to the Eligibility Results screen to view the results of the eligibility determination.



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