Viewing Eligibility Results

The Eligibility Results screen displays results for each program each applicant has been determined eligible.


Eligibility for each program is identified as one of the following:


·        Approved: The person is eligible, based on the information provided.

·        Does not qualify: The person is not eligible for the program based on information provided.

·        Pending: The person has failed the income or incarceration verification but may be eligible for OHP (Medicaid) based on self-attestation.

·        Not Applicable: The person is not being included in the application for eligibility.



NOTE: A Pending result may mean that verification is required for the applicant. You must submit the documentation by the required deadline before an official eligibility determination is made.



Upon reviewing the Programs You Qualify for screen, select Next to view the Details About Your Results and Health Coverage Options. This provides additional information about the programs.


The Details About Your Results and Health Coverage Options screen presents the results of eligibility determinations and the options available based upon the each applicant’s circumstances.


Click Next for Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) selection  


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