Active Renewals

Reviewing Renewals


To make changes to the information from the previous year’s enrollment, you have to sign in to the Individual Dashboard.



The Take Action link allows an individual to start the renewal process. The renewal link is available only during your designated renewal period.


·         Medicaid: The link is available 45 days before the end of your OHP (Medicaid) eligibility period.




Bypassing Renewals


  1. Select the option best suited for not opting for renewals.
  2. Select By checking this box… to authorize a digital signature.
  3. Enter names in the First Name and Last Name fields.
  4. Click Next to proceed.


Renewal Coverage


You can choose to renew benefits instead of bypassing them by going to Renewals – Let’s Get Started. A disclaimer requesting consent to have information validated by federal databases will appear.


The steps for renewal coverage are as follows:


  1. Select the number of years you want to authorize access of state and federal databases for renewals by selecting a value from the I authorize… drop down list.
  2. Click Next to proceed to the Before You Submit your Application screen.


The Before You Submit your Application screen displays all the sections of the application. Here, you can review the application and verify sections marked with the yellow Verify icon. The Verify icon appears not only for items that do not match the federal hub but also for items that need to be validated. Unless you confirm your responses for each of these sections, you cannot proceed with your renewal.

Click any of the Edit links to open the application and verify information.


Verification Process


If the trusted data source information does not match existing case information, an icon displays on the section. You need to review information under these sections by clicking the Edit link on the Before you submit your application screen.


A header appears on the screens with inconsistent information. This header allows you to acknowledge that you are leaving the information as it was in the previous enrollment, even though it does not match the information received by the trusted data sources.


Once you submit the renewal, the standard steps in the application process follow:


·        Verification

·        Eligibility Results


Reviewing and Submitting Your Application for Renewals


After you review all sections of the application, you proceed back to Before You Submit Your Application. This time the Verify icon does not display sections for which information is needed.


  1. Click Next to proceed to the Sign and Submit screen.
  2. Select the By Entering…checkbox and enter the names in the First Name, M.I. ,Last Name and Suffix fields to sign the application electronically.
  3. Click to Submit the updated application.
  4. The Thank You screen displays the verification results and case number. Note the case number of the application and print the application for future reference by clicking Print Application.
  5. Click to Save and Exit the application or click Next to proceed to eligibility.


Eligibility Results


Eligibility Results displays each program the individual is determined eligible.


Eligibility for each program is defined as one of the following:


·        Approved: The person is eligible based on the information provided.

·        Does not qualify: The person is not eligible for the program based on information provided.

·        Pending: The person has failed the income or incarceration verification but may be eligible for OHP (Medicaid) based on self-attestation.

·        Not Applicable: The person is not being included in the application for eligibility.



The information about the health care coverage will be displayed on the dashboard.




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